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[Download] Kindle Bestseller Fastlane


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Product Description:

If you are severe about Kindle publishing, then you NEED to read this …

Discover The Secret Kindle Loophole That Allows You To Force Your Book Onto The 1st Page of ANY Keyword Within 24 Hours, Resulting in HUNDREDS of Extra Book Sales on Autopilot

Using a 9-Step Process So Simple Even a Brain-Damaged Monkey Could Repeat It!

Let me ask you a couple of concerns …

  • Are your Kindle books not offering enough?
  • Are you having a hard time to get your books seen?
  • Would you like to increase your Kindle sales?

What I have to use will absolutely benefit you a heap if you stated yes to any of those concerns.

You will find the option to all those concerns above & & a lot more.

Dear Kindle Publishers,

I’ve been releasing Kindle books for practically 3 years now, and over that time I’ve gone through TONS of trial & & mistake, leading to me finding TONS of important information about offering books.

Gradually, the strategies I utilized improved & & much better

. Most just recently, I’ve found my most effective technique yet, and previously I have not shared it with ANYONE. This brand-new technique permits me to make use of an obscure Kindle “loophole” to get ANY book on the very first page for ANY keyword, leading to TONS of auto-pilot sales.

I’ve evaluated this out lots of times on my own books & & with customers, therefore far it’s worked incredibly well each and every single time.

Now you can use these methods to your own books to accomplish comparable remarkable outcomes.

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face …

Effectively creating an earnings stream from Kindle isn’t as simple as it utilize to be.

I’ve recognized that there are 5 main points that you need to do properly in order to achieve success with Kindle …

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Cover
  • Marketing
  • Getting evaluations

Let me discuss each of those briefly …

Keywords, since this is how Amazon promotes your books. Keywords ALONE can get you on the front page of popular search terms such as “love” or “secret”, leading to numerous additional book sales. This is a kind of marketing alone.

Material, since it’s crucial to your long-lasting success and evaluation scores. High quality books improve rankings & & do better in the long-lasting, while bad quality books pass away out rapidly.

Your cover, since this is what individuals see initially prior to anything else. This is what pulls them in & & grabs their interest.

Marketing, since it offers you the kick-start you require. This is what will truly turn your book into a bestseller over night.

Getting evaluations, since they increase trustworthiness. Having just a couple of evaluations will terrify prospective purchasers away, while having lots of evaluations will provide you a big edge over the competitors.

Honestly, if you get simply 1 of those 5 incorrect, you’re screwed.

Due to the fact that they do not do all of these elements appropriately, the factor most authors aren’t as effective as they might be is.

Many individuals compose excellent books, however they release them with a bad cover, a bad keyword choice & & no marketing.

They wait for the sales to come in … and absolutely nothing.
They’ll most likely get a couple sales here & & there, however absolutely nothing compared to what they might have otherwise accomplished.

You require more than simply excellent material to be effective at Kindle publishing.

You can’t simply release a book and after that ignore it, then anticipate great outcomes.

That simply does not occur … a minimum of not any longer.

Here’s the Solution …


Kindle Bestseller Fastlane

With “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane”, your keyword issues & & marketing issues are now resolved!

I have actually taken my whole effective Kindle keyword loophole procedure and streamlined it into a fast 9-step procedure that you can quickly carry out into your own Kindle books today to increase your sales.

You will find the specific very same procedure that I utilize to get my books on to the 1st page of ANY keyword.
( Even leading keywords like “love” & &” secret”). There’s no longer a requirement to stress over the issues that I mentioned previously, since this resolves them for you.

As I discussed previously, the technique within “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” will usually permit you to get any book onto the front page of any keyword.

You can picture how effective that would be.

This keyword loophole is so effective that it likewise covers the marketing for you, since it’s essentially requiring Amazon to promote your book for you.

To sum everything up, the basic technique within “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” will drive TONS of additional book sales on auto-pilot.

Whether you currently release on Kindle or not, this will be extremely helpful to you.

Do not think me?

Fair enough … how about some evidence?

Proof That These Methods Work:

I have actually completely evaluated this technique by releasing lots of Kindle books according to it.
I’ve even utilized this technique to restore a few of my old books.

I utilized no other promo with these books, so that I might see how they carried out by themselves.

The outcomes?

Well, let’s have a look at my latest example from among my customer’s books.

My customer Sam simply released his very first book utilizing my “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” technique.

Now when you go to Amazon.com and enter “love”, this is what you see:.

Kindle Bestseller Fastlane screenshot-bestseller1

That very first book is my customer’s book!

I’ll wager that if you go to Amazon.com and browse “love” today, that book is still on the front page.

Now let’s have a look at this book’s rankings:.


This book is ranked # 7,705in the paid Kindle shop, and it’s still climbing up the charts every hour currently.

That’s remarkable, thinking about that this book was simply released a couple of days ago!

What’s likewise remarkable is that my customer Sam is simply a routine individual.
This was his extremely first Kindle book, and take a look at what he’s currently accomplished utilizing my technique.

Now, I will confess that Sam did get a couple things incorrect.
Generally, I want that he employed an editor since that would enhance his material & & lead to much better evaluation scores.
( To be truthful, his book does require a severe modifying overhaul.).

That’s aside from the point.
The point is that Sam’s book had the ability to climb up best to the # 1 area under “love” practically quickly, utilizing absolutely nothing besides the “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” technique.

Now here’s the very best part– ANYONE can do this in ANY classification.
Even YOU!

Sam’s book is absolutely nothing unique.
If they utilize the very same technique, anybody can accomplish comparable outcomes.

Now let’s have a look at a few of my own book outcomes utilizing this technique: (all priced at $2.99or $3.99).

This book was ranked #59in the ENTIRE Kindle shop:.


This book got # 1 bestseller status:.


Those numbers are GREAT.

Now you’re most likely questioning how lots of real sales I got from rankings like this.

Well, let’s have a look …

Here are some current books which offered well utilizing this technique: (440SALES).

Kindle Bestseller Fastlanebest-kd-screenshot12

Here are some more current books which offered well utilizing this technique: (276sales).

Kindle Bestseller Fastlane book-sales-ss-1

Here’s an effective book utilizing this technique after a 1-day complimentary discount: (145sales).

In general, that’s an overall of 1,070systems offered! (all at $2.99& &$ 3.99)

. That equates to out to about $2,23630in pure earnings.

Those were simply a few of my current book sales screenshots.
I have TONS more of these, however I make certain I’ve currently made my point clear.

Practically all of those sales came from books with no promo.
In my experience, promo makes a HUGE distinction in systems offered.
If I were to use promos to all of those books, now picture.:)

Keep this in mind:.

All I did to accomplish these outcomes was follow this basic guide.

” Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” describes the specific technique that I followed to release these books & & get these outcomes.

If you make use of “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane”, you can absolutely accomplish comparable (and even much better) results with your own books.

Now here’s whatever you’ll enter this guide …

What’s Inside “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane”:

  • The basic (yet extremely effective) 9-step technique that I utilize to make practically all of my books bestsellers
  • The specific “loophole” technique I utilize to get ANY book on the front page of ANY keyword (even “love” & &” secret”)
  • (******************************* )How to & study & outsell your book’s most significant competitors

  • Quick (yet vital) ideas for material production
  • How to use your description to assist you end up being a bestseller
  • Crucial classification choice ideas (you ought to NEVER avoid this)
  • If they ever slow down)


  • How to restore your book sales (.
  • Recommended days for arranging a book discount
  • How to make one of the most out of your book’s success

How This Solves Your Problems:

” Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” will truly resolve a few of the most vital huge issues that a lot of Kindle publishers deal with.

Here’s how it resolves the primary issues that I mentioned earlier …

Use Keywords To Skyrocket Your Book Sales

I will expose the specific technique that permits you to SKYROCKET your book sales by getting your books on the front page for ANY keyword (even “love” & &” secret”). You can accomplish the very same outcomes by making use of these strategies on your own.

Market Your Books To Become Bestsellers

The keyword “loophole” technique currently functions as an effective marketing intend on it’s own. Having some additional marketing constantly assists & & that’s why I included a couple of my most effective book marketing ideas to step #10inside “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane”.

Get Quality Content That Readers Love

Action # 4 inside “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” concentrates on connecting the material production in with the keyword ranking technique, consisting of a couple of vital ideas that you ought to utilize whether you’re composing your own book or outsourcing it to a ghostwriter.

Get Amazing Book Covers

Action # 5 inside “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” concentrates on the cover production. It goes over a couple of vital ideas about getting your book cover done. Action # 3 exposes how to study your competitors in order to discover the successful qualities for a book cover in your specific niche.

Gather Many Reviews

When your book is on the front page for a keyword, you’re getting a lot traffic that the evaluations start to simply begin auto-pilot for you.

How This Can Help You …

The “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” technique is very helpful, whether you understand absolutely nothing about Kindle at all or if you’re a skilled publisher.

, if you’re a newb …
You can utilize use information details here to take off from the ground and achieve attain fantastic outcomes from the start.


, if you’re currently experienced …
You can go through this and extract draw out many numerous nuggets from it.. As soon as executed, there are lots of effective ideas in here that can increase your Kindle service method ahead.

If you follow it, this will assist you end up being much more lucrative.
Getting your book to # 1 under your keyword is AMAZINGLY effective to ANY Kindle publisher, rookie or not.

You ought to absolutely see an enormous increase in book sales if you put the approaches inside to utilize.


  • Simple, simple to comprehend & & to-the-point
  • Step-by-step guidelines
  • Instant shipment (anywhere & & anytime)
  • 100% money-back warranty for 30 days
  • Works in any book classification or category


  • Potentially get your book on the 1st page for any keyword
  • Boost your book sales
  • Easily end up being a bestseller
  • Get more evaluations
  • Make a fantastic description that inspires individuals to purchase
  • When they see it)


  • Higher sales conversions (individuals are more most likely to purchase your book.
  • Higher traffic (more individuals are visiting your book)
  • Finally have the ability to make every book a success


  • The Bestseller Blueprint MindmapThis streamlined plan sets out the whole “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” technique in a more fast & & simple to comprehend mindmap type.

  • KD Submitter Pro SoftwareKD Submitter Pro permits you to send teaser book samples to lots of popular eBook directory sites totally free, at the push of a button.

  • Kindle Resource RolodexUtilize these 10 complimentary advised resources to increase your Kindle success even further.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

Now, I was initially going to charge $47for this (since the technique is so effective).

I desired this to be a no-brainer.

I thought about $27, however I chose that I desired this to be an outright hands-down 100% NO-BRAINER choice that everybody can quickly pay for to take action on.

That’s why I have actually chosen to price this not at $47…

Not at $37

Not even at $27

But beginning at simply $17

At that rate, it’s a take.

I need to alert you that this is on a penny sale. That indicates that the rate will be increasing with every sale, so you need to get it now to book the most affordable rate possible.


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